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Teeth Whitening in Bexleyheath, Kent

One of the most popular dental cosmetic treatments nowadays which can dramatically improve your appearance and confidence is teeth whitening.

If you have discoloured or stained teeth, teeth whitening at Bexleyheath Dental Practice could be the perfect solution for you. It is safe and non-invasive and a beautiful white smile can be achieved for a relatively low cost with options for both home and in-surgery treatments.

Whether you are an existing or new patient, you would initially come for a consultation where we will check that your mouth and teeth are healthy before starting any whitening procedure. This is very important, and why only qualified dental practitioners are legally allowed to carry out whitening treatments.

You will then be guided through the range of teeth whitening programmes and discuss the ideal shade you are looking to achieve for your smile, and the best shade to suit you.

In-surgery whitening is carried out by a dentist. The appointment is usually for about one hour at the end of which you will see the visible difference in the colour of your teeth.

If you're interested in laser whitening at our surgery and would like to know more about the costs involved please click here.

Home whitening is a treatment over several days, depending on how white you want your teeth to be. Your personal whitening trays are made especially to fit you in our own dental laboratory. You then use them at home for approximately 30 minutes each day until your teeth are as white as you want them to be.

If you're interested in home whitening treatments and would like to know more about the costs involved please click here.

As well as home and in-surgery treatments, as an alternative to whitening treatments, you may wish to consider crowns or veneers.

For more information on teeth whitening or to book an initial consultation please call us now on 020 8304 2882 or complete the book a consultation form to the right of this page.

The Bexleyheath Dental Principal Dentist Dr Shaffie smiling
If you would like to have a brighter, whiter smile, teeth whitening is a simple, safe, non-invasive procedure.
Dr Hussein Shaffie