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Dental treatments at Bexleyheath Dental Practice...

NHS treatments deal primarily with oral health problems and tend not to include cosmetic procedures. The treatments available include:

Scale and polish, depending on your clinical need

An important part of a professional regular hygiene routine, scale and polish will remove any build up of plaque or tartar. If you have not maintained good oral hygiene it may be necessary for you to be referred to a hygienist for a course of treatment.

Fillings to repair a tooth or replace a missing filling caused by decay
or trauma

As well as the traditional amalgam – or silver – fillings, there are occasions when white fillings are available as part of NHS treatment. Made from the latest composite material, they are just as strong as the amalgam fillings and for many people they are preferable as they will generally be a near perfect match in colour to the tooth being filled.

If you're interested in white fillings and would like to know more about the costs involved please click here.

Extraction to remove a tooth

If a tooth has become decayed, or broken beyond repair we may need to carry out a tooth extraction. Please rest assured that all the team at Bexleyheath Dental will take great care of you, and ensure that you are as relaxed and comfortable as possible throughout the treatment.

Crowns and bridges

If a tooth has been chipped or fractured, a dental crown, also known as a cap, can be fitted to completely cover a real tooth and restore its shape and function. Dental crowns are strong, last a long time and we will ensure the colour matches the natural colour of your teeth as closely as possible.

We are also able to replace missing teeth and a dental bridge will be attached to the adjacent teeth, acting as a support for the replacement tooth, bridging the gap and allowing you to enjoy eating and chewing as normal.

Dentures (or false teeth) fitted to replace missing natural teeth

We are able to fit you with either complete or partial dentures which will look and function the same as real teeth. Our aim is to make both the treatment process and the day to day wearing as comfortable as possible.

Root canal treatment (also called endodontics)

Endodontic treatment tackles infection at the centre of a tooth, the root canal system, which can be very painful. The treatment is highly specialised and will be carried out by a qualified Endodontist over one or two sessions depending on the complexity of each case. Root canal treatment is available to our private patients at our sister practice The Sandford.

If you're interested in root canal treatment and would like to know more about the costs involved please click here.

We offer the full range of dental treatments for private patients and many of our NHS patients consider choosing certain treatments to be done privately. Our dental team will be happy to discuss all the various options with you before commencing any treatment, including length of treatment, materials used and payment options, ensuring you make an informed decision.

For information on our range of cosmetic treatments click here or for fees and finance options click here.

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We offer a wide range of NHS treatments at Bexleyheath Dental Practice, provided in a professional and caring way.
Dr Hussein Shaffie